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From Sun 21 Sep 2008 to Thu 09 Oct 2008Pre-and-post accommodation can be reserved, also for return to Toulouse

Jehan de Joyeuse - Clicquot - Cavaillé-Col - Silbermann - Merklin - and the others! Classical, Baroque, Romantic, Symphonic and Modern French organs. Paris - Alsace - Bordeaux and the Languedoc. Highlight will be the festival TOULOUSE LES ORGUES Riesling and St Emilion are among the wines on the way! The number of participants is strictly limited so that everyone can benefit from the visits to the organ consoles

Of interest to :
Lovers of music and culture and of France in general, organists in particular

Chris Hainsworth

Programme leader : Chris Hainsworth
Formerly Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Music in Waikato University New Zealand, before settling permanently in France, becoming Director of the Conservatoire de Musique in Beziers, and currently Beziers cathedral organist. Chris is a well-known concert artist on organ and harpsichord, and has led several Culture and Music Tours with Cpederf since 2003 with several more in the pipeline!

An 18-day tour through France in the company of Christopher Hainsworth, former Head of the Waikato University Music Department in New Zealand and Director of the Conservatoire in Beziers, now Beziers cathedral organist and concert recitalist.

Visit organs made famous by some of France's greatest organists and composers of organ music - Balbastre, Couperin, Saint-Saëns, Franck, Fauré, Widor, Vierne, Marcel Dupré. Visit the Royal Chapel organ in the Château of Versailles, follow in the footsteps of Albert Schweitzer in Alsace, visit the world famous workshops of the organ builder Albert Kern and the internationally renowned Francis Chapelet organ collection.

Music highlight of the tour will be the opening concert of the international organ festival at Toulouse, Toulouse-les-Orgues, plus three days of concerts and cultural exploration in and around Toulouse.

Cultural highlights will include the Saint Denis Basilica (the necropolis of the French kings), Orsay (the national French Impressionist museum), the Chateau de Versailles, the Wine Route of Alsace, the World Heritage centres of Strasbourg and Bordeaux (and near-by wine capital Saint Emilion), - and you cross France on the world's fastest rail train, the TGV!

At table : As always with Cpederf tours, great attention is paid to menus and individual dietry concerns, thus ensuring the maximum gastronomic pleasure for all concerned.

Places are strictly limited so that participants may benefit to the maximum of visits to organs and meeting with organists, as well as being able to converse with the guides for your cultural visits.

Included in the cost : 18 nights 3 hotels, breakfast and one main meal per day including three festive or special meals. 3 wine-tastings. Travel Pass for Paris. Coach transfers, excursions and coach tour Bordeaux-Béziers. All organ visits, recitals and concerts as in the programme including three concerts in Toulouse. All guided visits & entrance fees for all cultural visits & excursions. TGV travel (group ticket) Paris-Strasbourg-Paris -Bordeaux and return to Paris from Béziers.

MEET & GREET with Chris Hainsworth on the afternoon of Sunday 21 September. Request the full programme by email!

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After the Meet & Greet session, everyone will go to Notre-Dame to hear and visit the great organThe organs in Alsace (shown here Obernai) offer an important contrast with those which have been visited in ParisTime off from the Toulouse Festival to visit the magnificent World Heritage site of St Bertand de CommingesThe organ at St Bertrand is also quite something - at least to look at!The organ in the church of Sainte Clotilde in Paris will forever be associated with the name of César FranckA great church, a great organ, and three great organists! Widor, Dupré, Roth.
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